There is a Way

There is a Way in Jesus

Greetings from a rather soggy, drying out Queensland.

Hope you like the latest song There is a Way.

I am just so glad we have the word of God to give us our boundaries, our direction, our anchor. As Bob and I were outside our house sweeping water away (for the 4th time since we have lived here) it was God’s words we spoke against the broken levy and water, water, everywhere. As we swept as fast as we could we did what God’s word says to do and what Jesus taught us to do and spoke to the mountain of water. Our words were drowned out by the noise of the rain hammering on the patio roof (18” in 7 hours) but we spoke to the screaming rain, the lightning and the roaring thunder. The water was phenomenal, so powerful, so huge. As tears streamed down my exhausted face I turned around to see two strangers standing there holding shovels. That was just what we needed to fix the levy and managed to re-direct the water and once again save the house. We had lakes of water everywhere, the property above us, the one beneath but God’s word is all powerful. When we continue to put it in our eyes and our ears and then speak it out of our mouths in faith there is nothing in this universe that can overpower it. I am so, so grateful to know the Lord and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. God has such mercy!

Bob and I are no strangers to strange weather. We were one month from getting married in 1980 and lived in a small mining town called Goldsworthy in the north of Western Australia. (It’s where we met – this young woman from New Zealand on an adventure, and boy did I find it!) In January 1980 and within approx 8 weeks the town suffered three cyclones, the first one had gusts over 320km/hr and then two more devastating cyclones in the following weeks which caused substantial damage to the mining business. I will always remember the moment when the radio broadcaster said that Cyclone Amy was heading directly for Goldsworthy and said God bless the people of Goldsworthy, our thoughts are with you. I looked at Bob and asked him if he thought it would hit us. He looked me straight in the eye and said it is going to hit us. At that moment I felt fear fill my stomach and the tears burning at the back of my eyes. Later I can remember lying under a mattress in the small hallway of this small unit we were living in, the roof was gone and pieces of equipment and parts of buildings had smashed into our building. We spent 18 hours huddled under a sodden mattress while the world about us went mad. It wasn’t till we started praying the Lord’s prayer that an amazing peace came over us. Despite the terror and violence happening around us we knew we were going to be OK.

Just recently we brought out the old photos and there was one that grabbed my attention. It shows a lamp post (made of two railway lines welded together) precariously poised to fall on our unit. I’m convinced that God’s angels held back the post that night and only had that revelation 32 years later!

So, even before we knew the Lord as we do now, and walking in victory every day (sometimes crawling …..!) his word saved us, of that I have no doubt. Perhaps it was to see us today recording music in his name and for his glory.

So how do we get through these times, how do we stay strong? God’s word will get us through these times and we can glorify God that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. His burden is light so give him yours – he’s taken it anyway that awesome day he laid down his life for you and me on the cross. He took our sins, our sickness and our poverty. I love our daughters more than I can put into words. Our father gave his only begotten son for me and you, for all mankind. Gratitude cannot be put into words and as Jesus said we are to worship God in spirit and truth so I don’t believe there exists words of gratitude big enough to thank him. Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit is beyond this world and truly where we live in the Kingdom of God on this earth.

So enjoy the song, it comes with much love and gratitude for such an awesome God who brought together two people who can in some way touch our world and bring some peace and refreshment through our music. I asked Bob to show me how to upload blogs so now that I know, I’ll aim to update it weekly.

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