Keep looking up!

Aren’t we living in interesting times?  It always amazes me that we are chosen for these days.   There are times when I pine for the ‘old days’ when life appeared to be simpler, although I tend to think that there were many struggles and hardships that presented their own challenges to those generations and it was not always as rosy as the TV shows and movies would have us think.   So, instead of looking wistfully back, I have chosen to do what Jesus said and when I hear of wars and rumours of wars and see so many changes happening around me, I keep looking up as our redemption draws near.  No-one knows the day or the time but it could be any minute now so I want to make sure I am ready.

Thank God for Jesus and his awesome sacrifice which gives every human being the choice to walk with him on this earth in spirit or try and go it alone.  I love the footsteps poster where Jesus is carrying us during the tough times and this is so true of today.  The more events unfold around us the closer I cling to him, knowing that he said he will never leave us nor forsake us.  I am never alone and this gives me more comfort than I can ever express.

We all struggle at times with emotional and/or physical issues – may I reach out to you and encourage you to hand them over to Jesus, he knows you better than you do yourself and he loves you with a love we cannot measure.  No matter what you are going through, there is a way through it with Jesus by your side. Even if you don’t know him he knows you and do you know that if you were the only person on the face of this earth Jesus would have laid his life down to save you.  I’ve given up trying to imagine how much someone could love me to do that for me, I am just eternally grateful for Jesus and his precious sacrifice so we can walk in victory on this earth.


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