Hosanna in the Highest

What a wonderful gift God has given us – the gift of praise, when we open our mouths and let our spirits praise and worship our creator in word and song.

Do you ever stop and think what life would have been like without the sin of Adam and Eve. I used to. I used to think how good it could have been and why do we have to go through all the trials and tribulations on this earth. What’s the point? Is there a point? Yes.

What God has done for us is absolutely amazing. He, unlike a lot of human beings in high places on this earth, has given us a choice. We can choose to spend time with him. We can choose to give our lives to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We can choose to obey his commandments – including the commandment from Jesus to walk in love. We can choose to put our past poor decisions behind us and begin to walk in victory. We can choose to renounce the past and move forward as brand new creations in Jesus Christ. We can choose to live the good news and we can choose to praise God in song.

So why write a song about Hosanna in the Highest and other songs of praise, worship and victory? Well, the truth is that I always experience such peace when praising God, when giving time in my day to our creator. It truly is the most wonderful moment when I realise yet again what’s important. I say yet again as the cares of this world do overwhelm me at times and it’s not until I’m in that awesome safe place of worship that the problems, and at times feelings of helplessness, just melt away. It is so refreshing and empowering.

I remember in the early days as a newbie born again in Jesus Christ and asking different believers how do I build my faith? The answers never came and it really frustrated me for years. Then I met a wonderful lady who taught me the difference between the bible translations and introduced me to the King James bible. Once I began to read the real word of God I remember the thrill when there it was in front of me – Romans 10:17 – faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I pulled each and every word apart and looked it up in the dictionary. Then I split the sentence and read it like this – faith comes by hearing. Mull on that – hearing what? Hearing by the word of God. Did you get it? Faith comes by hearing – reading the word. Hearing by the word of God – we hear spiritually through God’s word. So when we read the bible and let the Holy Spirit guide us into all truth our faith grows. Pure and simple. No mystery, the more we read the word the more our faith grows. There is nothing more powerful than faith-filled praise and worship in music, especially when it contains God’s word like Psalm 91 and The Lord’s Prayer.

There has been research done on the effect of music on our bodies and it is proven that the frequencies emitted from music have a very real effect on us. When you combine the living word of God with faith filled anointed music something special happens. All thanks, praise, honor and glory to you Father for Hosanna in the Highest and the priceless gift of praise.


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